Mentors are what make our workshops so special.

All of programs have a 4:1 ratio (or better!) which means that for every four learners there’s one volunteer mentor to help them. If you’re technical with experience with programming or design mentoring is a really rewarding way to give back. When mentoring, you’ll be assigned to a group of four learners over the day that you’ll have the chance to get to know and help as they learn, explore and get inspired by technology. The best part? The ‘aha’ moments learners have throughout the day.

Mentorship is sharing your passion, skills and experience with youth as they build and learn through technology. Guide youth through a Learning Session, showing them how to solve problems and think analytically.


We will explore basics, how the Web works and how to increase reasoning and logical skill for programming. To make learning how to code fun and easy we’ll use learning platforms like Scratch, Thimble, CodeAcademy, Alice. We’ll continue with HTML, CSS, Design, Mobile, Database, Gaming, Hardware and more.