Does your child want to learn to make the next Flappy Bird, the next MineCraft, or maybe even the next Facebook?

KIDS LEARNING CODE is a volunteer non-profit running free bi-monthly workshops for web, game and app development for youth ages 7 to 17. Our goal is to have fun learning about programming and computer science, to meet other kids with the same interests, and to ultimately create Minecraft mods and other cool games. We are like a CoderDojo, using materials from, Codeacademy, and others plus much of our own material.

What’s the outcome

It is a great way to meet other kids with technology interests. Each session participants work as they rotate between fun thematic modules. Each module brings new challenges to build upon what was learned the previous session. By the end of one inspiring year, your child has gained confidence, friendships and essential 21st Century skills that will last a lifetime.


We will explore basics, how the Web works and how to increase reasoning and logical skill for programming. To make learning how to code fun and easy we’ll use learning platforms like Scratch, Thimble, CodeAcademy, Alice. We’ll continue with HTML, CSS, Design, Mobile, Database, Gaming, Hardware and more.